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4:00 Das ist Lustig
8:00 Prost!
Tapping of the Keg opening ceremonies at 6pm

2:00 Prost!
5:00 Ben Franklin German Club
6:00 Ira Milan’s Polka Band
8:00 The BRATS

4:00 Der Guten Tag Hop-Cloppers
7:00 The Adrian Show
8:00 Prost!

2:00 Bayou Bavarians
5:00 Ben Franklin H.S. German Club
6:00 Ira Milan’s Polka Band
8:00 The BRATS

4:00 Der Guten Tag Hop-Cloppers
7:00 The Adrian Show
8:00 Prost!

2:00 Bayou Bavarians
5:00 Crescent City Navy Brass Band
8:00 Prost!


Das Ist Lustig (Oct 11)

From Houston, this professional touring trio opens Oktoberfest in grand style, after their rousing performance at our most recent Volksfest. This is a lively, interactive ensemble, with yodeling, sing-alongs, folk dancing, and a little organized chaos. Expect all sorts of traditional instruments: accordion, autoharp, tuned cowbells, Bavarian xylophone, Alphorn and singing saw. Come early to the fest and don’t miss this very special performance.

Prost (Oct 11, 12, 18, 25, 26)

Follow the travelling Tuba through the crowd. Chicken Dance when Eddie comes to the mike. Polkas, marches, waltzes, and all the favorite Haus traditions. Enthusiasm and fine musicians are the hallmark of this local German band.

The Brats (Oct 12, 19)

Their progressive take on traditional polka is described as nothing short of pure lucid entertainment. This high energy group of young New Orleans musicians work tirelessly to produce traditional German tunes, along side reinterpretation of songs such as the crowd favorite Lady Gaga’s Bad Polka Romance. Since 2010 this group has proved to be an Oktoberfest favorite.

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Der Guten Tag Hop Cloppers (Oct 18, 25)

A new German band, with lots of new charts for traditional and not so traditional German songs. Dennis, “Professor Shorthair”, has assembled some fine professionals to perform his concept for our entertainment.

Ira Milan’s Polka Band (Oct 12, 19)

An Oktoberfest tradition, this band is the largest at the fest. A great group of local musicians play Ira’s collection of German favorites. Ira’s band performs at many local Oktoberfest celebrations. He has been made an honorary life member of the Deutsches Haus for his contributions over the years.

Bayou Bavarians (Oct 19, 26)

The Bavarians return to the fest with all the German tunes. Leader Eric is an active member of the Deutsches Haus, often entertaining for other functions at the Haus throughout the year.


Crescent City Navy Brass Band (Oct 26)

This group of fine professional musician sailors are the Navy’s good will ambassadors to the city of New Orleans. We are honored to have them join us with a special performance of traditional marches, and other selections.

The Adrian Show (Oct 18, 25)

Adrian Juttner (the man with the horns) and his trusty assistant, Stewart Eastman (Chopsley in lederhosen) are joined by accordionist Amasa Miller for skits, songs, and, of course, his trademark performance of the Schnitzelbank.

Ben Franklin German Club (Oct 12, 19)

Rachel Becker leads the Ben Franklin German students in a performance of Grimm’s Fairy tales in German and English. These students are active supporters of the Deutsches Haus at several functions throughout the year.