Shopping and Children’s Activities


The Gift and Souvenir Shop is located in the front corner of the warehouse building near the entrance gate.  There is also a Souvenir kiosk in the middle of the festival.

For sale are German gifts, souvenir T-shirts, and authentic German-made beer steins.  Credit card machines available for purchases.

Children’s Activities

The Kinderecke or Children’s Corner is near the large oak trees.  From opening to sunset (around 6pm) each day, there will be crafts and games.  Games will include Tic Tac Toe, Maze, Corn hole and Pipe Ball.

Children must be accompanied by an adult and may not be left unattended.

Check the event schedule for events that might be fun for children such as the Schnauzer Parade on Saturday October 13, the Dachshund Dash on Saturday, October 20 and other fun performances such as the 610-Stompers or the Schnitzelbank song.

The Coca Cola booth sells drinks such as water, sodas and Powerade.  The Imbiss (snack) booth has chicken nuggets and fries for those who aren’t ready for brats or schnitzel.