Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have to be a member, or is the event open to the public?

The event is open to the public. Members do get special perks, including free tickets for guests, and access to the inside of the Haus during festivals, along with monthly benefits. For more information about membership, visit our Membership Page

  1. What is the cost for Oktoberfest?

Admission is $10 at the gate, children under 12 enter free. For more information about gate hours and ticketing, visit our main page.

  1. What COVID-19 Protocols are being followed?

We will be following the City of New Orleans protocols in force at the time of the festival.

It’s important to note that we will not be refilling steins or personal drink containers. If you’d like to bring your stein, please get a drink served in a plastic cup from the bar and fill your own container.

  1. Are children welcomed?

Yes! We love having the little ones! Kids under 12 may enter free, and it can be a wonderful way to introduce them to German culture. Although our Kinder activity area is closed this year (another pandemic precaution), there is still a lot of space to picnic or play (feel free to bring blankets, balls, and toys). We also highly encourage the children to get up and dance with our Deutsches Haus Chicken for the Chicken Dance! There are other activities children will enjoy as well, such as our Schnauzer Strut, Dachshund Races, and Kids’ Costume Contests! There may be some other surprises this year too!

  1. Are there restrooms on site?

Outside there will be port-a-potties (including Handicapped accessible ones) for the general public. Members and their children 6 years and under are allowed inside to use the Haus bathrooms.

  1. Is there parking?

Parking is located on our grounds, while availability lasts, for $20, cash only. More on our parking page here.

  1. Are there meals for special diets?

Meals will be handled a little differently this year in the meal line, prepackaged in containers as opposed to allowing everyone to pick from a variety of sides. Hopefully, this will help minimize the waiting in the lines. There will be a separate option for vegetarians. At this time there are no other special diets accommodated but we may be able to help you out if you ask!

With the addition of spiked seltzer this year we’re excited to offer more gluten free beverages, including wine and schnapps.

People can also visit the Imbiss tent (“snack tent” — quick food service) for other options or a few of the other food tents (popcorn, candied nuts, pretzels, cheese, etc.) to find a variety of foods and drinks that will be pleasing to everyone.

  1. What isn’t allowed?

Please don’t bring outside food or drink. You’re not allowed to bring weapons or firearms. We do have local police officers, firemen and EMTs keeping the event safe. Please refrain from bringing anything to sell, or anything that’s religious, political, or otherwise hurts our gemütlichkeit (state of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer)

  1. What’s available for sale?

We’ll have a variety of foods available, for more information on food go here and drink, go here. There’s also a full gift shop with flower crowns, t-shirts, hats, lederhosen, steins, and a variety of other amazing German gifts. We are a cash-event, but there are ATMs available on the premises. For gift shop and dinner plate purchases, credit cards are available.

  1. What’s new this year?

We’re still working on that!